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Why Small Businesses Should Consider Coworking Spaces

why businesses should consider coworking spaces

Why Small Businesses Should Consider Coworking Spaces

Nowadays, there has been a huge influx of people who are doing freelance work, work-at-home guys and several people who choose to be their own bosses and put up their own small-time start-up businesses. 

Because of this burgeoning working trend, coworking spaces are also sprouting out everywhere and is becoming a totally new industry. 
The idea of a coworking space was hatched when this fiery young entrepreneur Brad Neuberg created the first coworking space in San Francisco in 2005 when wanted to have independence in the company of different individuals and organizations in an open space.  

Simply put, coworking means sharing a space, a piece of infrastructure with a bunch of people. This space will serve as their office or their place of work, without having to feel the pressures of a regular workplace, which admittedly, are huge stressors that will throw employees out of the game thus affecting productivity. 

Not only is it just a place where you can plug on your laptops to work but it is actually fully equipped with WiFi connections, a conference room and even overflowing coffee at the pantry. 

Coworking spaces provide a modern atmosphere and offer flexibility to those who need a space to do business. 

How small business can benefit from coworking spaces 

When you are starting a small business, your resources are limited but you would need an office space to give your business more credibility to possible investors. Coworking space is professional and it will not cost you an arm and a leg. Not only that, it will be very conducive to working for the small staff that you have. 

How a business owner could benefit from a coworking space 

  1. Coworking spaces are practical. Having to share working space with people from different lines of business may seem intimidating. However, working in co-working spaces, especially for small businesses actually has its benefits and the most popular of all is having to save on cost for office space rentals not to mention the cost you have to set aside for maintenance and repairs. 
    Setting up a physical tradition office space takes time and a lot of money. If you are eyeing a space, the trouble on lease is another thing you have to deal with. 
    Coworking spaces are affordable and you will not be tied up in contracts because you can personalize your access to coworking sites. 
  2. It is guaranteed that you will have a decent and professional office space, where  you can hold a meeting with your employees 
  3. Empower workers. The open space, like at Google offices, where you do not feel the hierarchy with the boss holding an office in a mezzanine looking down toward his minions, the people will constantly bump into each other, feel like equals and are more empowered thus leading to a more productive workforce.  
  4. Chance for networking. The shared space will become a chance for workers to interact with other people with different backgrounds. This could foster business relations and could generate a lead for future opportunities 

What are the benefits of a coworking space to employees 

Employees nowadays, especially for the working millennials, the flexibility of working hours is something they crave for.  


A coworking space is perfect for freelancers as it gives them the flexibility of working hours that they need.  

You work at your own time and at your own pace and you do not have to worry about being at the office for eight straight hours otherwise the office locks its door and you will have no work done 

It will be more ideal than working in crowded coffee shops especially since you will be surrounded by like-minded people. Also, being exposed to highly-motivated people will rub off on everyone and that is always a good thing. 

Employees in established companies 

There are already so many established companies that have jumped into the coworking space bandwagon (to cut on the cost of a physical office may be the main reason for this. But the feedback they get from their employees has been positive. 

As mentioned, it allows employees to network with other workers and it opens a lot of business opportunities with them as they build a network of professionals. 

Not only that, the employees become a community and they get to bounce ideas off of each other and be able to help each other out businesswise. 


What are the challenges business owners and employees in coworking spaces 

In any business or industry, things that offer great convenience, of course, there will always be challenges. It is good to know these things so you could come up with solutions when you come across them. 

What are the most common things clients in coworking spaces deal with? These are the top things: 

  1. Distractions 

    Because people who use these spaces are working on different things, what other people are doing could be disruptive.  
    There are workers who need to talk to another person on Skype, or those who are voice-based technical support. But since you are sharing space, you cannot help but hear them and sometimes, this is distracting to others working on other things. 
    To avoid these, spaces are being mapped out properly to minimize distractions and for others to focus on their own work. 
    There are spaces that promote respect among its users so that you are always actively aware that there are other users and you have to keep it on the lowdown so as not to distract others. 

  2. Internet Connections 

    Sometimes, because of the huge number of users, internet connection is intermittent and since this is the main reason for working in these spaces, it would be such a drag when you encounter this problem. Sometimes, it is also not the fault of the coworking space’s operators because it could be the internet provider’s issue. However, you need to always be prepared and bring your own portable internet that is readily available in the market today so that it will not hamper your work. 

With more and more people veering away from the traditional office system and getting into freelancing, several multinational companies are willing to shell out for open, coworking spaces.  


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