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7 Tips on How To Pitch Business Ideas to Investors

how to pitch business ideas to investors

7 Tips on How To Pitch Business Ideas to Investors


No matter how great your business idea is, it won’t make an impact if you don’t know how to pitch business ideas to investors. You must be able to clearly advocate for your business and properly address important concerns like the finances and the mission and vision of the business. Here are some tips on how to pitch business ideas to investors.


Be brief

Put everything in one single punch—if that’s possible. To put it simply, make your presentation brief but with a kick. Investors are busy. Their time is expensive. So you can’t expect them to be willing to take an hour of their time to listen to a sales pitch. Pitch in less than 10 minutes. Anyway, if they have questions, you can always elaborate after the pitch.


Research about your prospective investors

One way to really engage your future investors is if you know them, their business, and their background. It would be great to interject in your pitch how your prospective investor’s background could become an asset in your business idea.


Tell a story

Story-telling is known to capture an audience. Make a story out of your pitch. In order to create a story, you have to determine what your business goal is. Once you have that, you incorporate an everyday happening into it. If your business idea is related to food, you tell a story of a family eating together and just add some “spices” to make it interesting. Most pitches show numbers and graphs—you can do that, too. But do that with a story. Tell the story and integrate the numbers in it.


Prepare hard copies of business plans

Since you need to keep your pitch brief, explain everything else on paper. The trend may be on paperless presentations but the paper is always the easiest to browse. You don’t need to give them a voluminous document, but just put some interesting facts and figures on paper that you don’t have time to expound in your presentation.


Demonstrate the product / service

It would be the best thing if your prospective investors can actually touch or use the product that you are pitching. If you are trying to sell a service, then bring it on, too. But if it’s hard to do so, perhaps photos and videos would be adequate.


Explain what makes your product unique

Investors will always look for something new. They want the next best thing in business. So when you are learning how to pitch business ideas to investors, you have to know what sets your business apart from all the others—and you need to be able to convey that to your prospective investors.


Emphasize how you can get customers

It doesn’t take a genius to know that a business needs customers to prosper. So how do you get them? You have to convince your future investors that you know how to attract clients and that there are enough customers to sustain the business for a long time.


Just always remember that your possible investors have other more important things to do than listen to your pitch. So the most important thing to do when you are planning on how to pitch business ideas to investors is that you respect their time. Therefore, keep the presentation brief but impactful.


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