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Exploring the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for your Business

artificial intelligence has benefits for businesses

Exploring the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for your Business

There seems to be that foreboding “terminator” scene wherein machines will take over everything and there will be no more human intervention. Actually, without us being too aware of it, the benefits of artificial intelligence or AI have already been intertwined into our everyday needs.

A good number of airlines have innovatively put up self-serve kiosks at airport terminals. Passengers are given the convenience of printing out their luggage tags and boarding passes. Even various banks have intelligent automated voices that route calls and perform your requested functions until you request to speak to a live person.

There are fantastic developments in self-driving cars. Drone technology has grown by leaps and bounds that make pilotless airplanes a plausible reality. We’re already trusting Google to predict our search parameters and even Netflix and Amazon have AI software to cater personal selections for us, their customers. In time, adapting to the benefits of artificial intelligence can be as normal as switching on our phones or logging onto our laptops.

Machines won’t be able to take over because they will still need a human operator to direct them. Let’s consider some benefits of artificial intelligence that are meant to make life easier and hopefully less complicated.

Trends and patterns are calculated faster then what can be seen by the naked eye.

Magnetic resonance images and CAT scans can be placed through a machine that uses AI to spot anomalies. Diagnoses for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s may be determined earlier. This is achieved by processing historical data and adapting compatible algorithms that have studied the retina. There may even be a window of 10 years prior to the disease ever happening wherein those who are susceptible can be advised.

Data is processed at an accelerated rate and decisions can be made to match that rate.

When you’re searching for a cheap flight, you’re making use of AI to scan through tons of data to provide you with the best options. The human eye will not be able to sustain such a pace and a time frame to achieve the same result. One of the benefits of artificial intelligence can be to assist us all in building our travel fund to take us further and farther.

Monotonous, mundane, boring tasks can be handled by AI.

Applying an algorithm to constantly perform a certain task won’t hurt its feelings. Searching through columns of figures or other repetitive duties can now be monitored by an algorithm that just does what it’s programmed to do.

Efficiency is in the code.

Wouldn’t it be so ideal to have a taxi algorithm that determines where there will be a high volume of potential fares? Then, the taxis are directed to that high traffic area so passengers can get a ride and drivers can earn more. The benefits of artificial intelligence help to eliminate all the guesswork. Resources are better managed and customer satisfaction plus improved income becomes an efficient result.

Cognitive computing or artificial intelligence is meant to be a tool for good. Humans will still have the last say and can decide whether to use it or not. The destiny of our race is always to keep improving and innovating. Artificial intelligence may be the necessary support interface we can use to do just that.

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