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How can Shoppers Find your Pop-Up Shop

How can Shoppers Find your Pop-Up Shop

How can Shoppers Find your Pop-Up Shop

With the rentals in establishments soaring high, several businesses, especially the small to medium enterprise, specializing in retail, would much rather set up pop-up shots at trade shows rather that the traditional physical shops. 

Trade shows are also a good way for you to put your business out there and showcase your product to new and prospective clients. 

Also, more often than not, pop-up shops sell stuff that are on trend and trade fairs and expos are usually just temporary and seasonal. 

As the name suggests the shops just pop up one day and gone the next. And this is advantageous to those hoping to sell a small inventory of products in a short period of time. They don’t need to be tied up to long leases and do not have to pay exorbitant amount for rentals. 

Since it has become such a trend, the demand for pop-up stores has also increased. 

And if you are one to take advantage of this modern way of retail-selling, then you need to stand out so that the customers will not miss your shop. 

You need to come up with the freshest ideas that even if you do not get the prime spot at the trade show, you will still stand out and you will be memorable enough to get the most out of what you invested. 

Remember that to a customer, first impression is everything! An image you create about your brand or company affects your customers’ opinion. A customer who is just looking around should be able to take a first look at your both and pique his interest so much that he stays longer, browses longer at your products and of course, ultimately, purchases. 

Here are some of the things that you could do to stand out. 

Make use of your social media presence. 

In this day and age, having a social media page for your business is probably the be all and be all in all businesses. Make sure you have made an announcement prior to the dates of the expo. 

Show them teasers of what they can expect from your booth. Make it so enticing that they will want to go out of the way to visit your booth. 
On the days or weeks leading up to the event itself, regularly post on your social media pages. It could be how you booth will look or the products you will be selling. Make it as inviting as possible and make sure you use high-resolution photos. 
Using technology is a surefire way to let people know that you are opening up a shop. You can even do an email blast if you have a mailing list of your customers. 

Please don’t forget to include the address, the dates and time. 

Plan ahead and invest in an impressive display 

Make sure you plan ahead about how you will design your booth. You wouldn’t want to be the sad spot in the trade show. Research what is best for your products and maximize the space given to you.  

Research for a good design. Make sure that you are kept abreast with the trend and then go a little better. Trade show spaces are most of the time small so you need to come up with a plan to design it for it to look big. You may have to set aside a budget for this and you can take it out from your company’s marketing budget. 

Creativity and strategy should be at work here. You need to carefully arrange your booth from the way you lay down your  merchandise up to the nitty gritty details like the lighting. 
Another pro tip will be is to make your designs reusable. After the trade show, you can store either the backdrop or your props and shelves and mounts and repurpose it for the next trade fair. 

 Never forget to size up your competition 

If they go big, you go bigger. But this should be done with a lot of strategizing and should be thought over and discussed with your partners. A good strategy is still better. 
Even before the trade fair, research about who you are up against. Learn about what their usual gimmicks are so you can prepare something that will be at par if not better with what they are offering. 

Prepare giveaways 

Keychains? Mugs? Pens? A t-shirt or even a Candy? Yes. These are the more common giveaways that you can hand out to buying customers. These things with your branding on it can be another marketing strategy and can help customers remember you in the long run and will also extend your reach to others who hasn’t been to your booth. 
But you can also come up with something more original to make your booth more memorable. 

 This may seem like a cheap shot but long lines always get people interested. 

Remember that there are many booths at a trade show. And sometimes, this creates confusion among consumers as to where they should go first. But a booth with long lines will get them intrigued. ‘Why are people crowding at this place?’ What are they buying here?’ 
If you have people, put them in front of the shop just to create that impression 

Trust us, people will crowd the booth. 

 Good service.

Put people who know what a good customer service is. They should be able to give customers a warm welcome when they look at your shop. Greet them and show them around. A little bit of hospitality goes a long way. 

Give them niceness and it will come back to you, hopefully, in the form of an ROI. 

If you have done your due diligence in scouting for the best trade show that has the space and environment that fits your goal, if you have gone through the hassles of looking for the hippest booth design then you can make sure that this will translate into revenues. 

The success of a pop-up shop can be attributed to a good strategy and the success can be measured by how much of what you have invested has returned in the form of sales. 


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