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Best tips for writing a business proposal

how to write a business plan

Best tips for writing a business proposal

Perhaps by crafting a well-written business proposal, you just might bring in the deals that your company needs to further its growth. Let’s take a look on some tips on how to do just that.

How to write a business proposal?


State your proposal as clearly as possible

Like any proposal, the intention must be clear and crisp for its intended audience. Avoid using technical jargon, unless it’s a highly specialized industry. The communication should come out smoothly, without daunting or scaring away the potential client. Yes, it all pretty much boils down to: “This is what we can do for you and this is why you need us to be there to make it happen.”

If you communicate clearly, the clients will feel at ease and will most probably look forward to engaging with your services.

The objectives must be presented effectively

When you can summarize in a clear and concise manner just what your business can do for your customers, then you’re well on your way to achieving success. No one wants to endure a tedious explanation. Make sure the proposal is straightforward and clear as much as possible, so your clientele can follow you more on what results you’re aiming to provide.

Beware of a poorly written proposal

The most devastating thing you can submit to a potential client is a poorly written proposal. The grammatical errors in the proposal can worsen that even more. To be a serious contender, you need to bring in the good stuff and that means being serious in the message you hope to convey.

If you’re incapable of writing a decent business proposal, don’t hesitate to outsource this task to someone who can spice up the content. It would be better to spend a bit than to earn a negative impression from your client because of that poor proposal.

There’s always a need for research

Know your customer and that takes some research. When you have the appropriate data on hand, then your business proposal can be more focused on what your customer really needs. It really doesn’t hurt to look into the background and concerns of your target client.

It’s all about presentation and packaging

Decide on high-quality paper to showcase your presentation. Your presentation won’t be judged by its cover, but it’s the first thing that your client will see. Make sure to keep the pages neat. Or, when sending an electronic file, make sure to keep the formatting consistent.

Add images and graphics to make it pop

Using a simple basic font for your proposal will get the message across but it could make your audience yawn a bit. Clipart, graphs, charts, and tables can summarize all the key points and break the monotony on the page. Don’t forget to include your recipient’s name, project title, and date. 

Let your proposal have a global appeal

You may earn more clients, not just only from your local state, if you can think of something that will address a global problem or phenomena. You can spend some time to create a world-class business proposal that could make your business a success.

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