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5 Tips for Effective Team Communication

how to improve team communication in the workplace

5 Tips for Effective Team Communication

Employees are the most valuable asset of an organization. A company, obviously, needs employees to function well. And employees need to be well trained to be effective. But for the entire company to be successful, the individual members of the organization need to get well with each other. Here are some tips for effective team communication:


You’d be surprised to know that for a lot of companies, their employees don’t really know what most people do or from which team an employee belongs to. It is very important that people within the organization know each other’s roles and responsibilities in the company. This is the reason why new hires undergo orientation. During the orientation, new personnel should be introduced to every member of the organization—there should be an exchange of names and job descriptions. Knowing what one person does makes communicating easier. This way, you will know what to communicate to a certain co-worker or team.

Reward teamwork

There should always be a regular assessment of individual tasks in the company. This way, the company will be updated of the individual performance and work on the weakness of the employee and the company as a whole. But it should also be the team’s responsibility to lift one of their members up. This is why it would be a good idea for the company to reward great teamwork. This will encourage better communication among team members, which may result in better communication of the company as a whole.

Provide a venue for sharing information

With Skype or Slack and other communication apps, it’s so easy to communicate with the team members. One of the better tips for effective team communication: There should be rules and procedures about communicating through social media. When people use the group chat on Facebook’s messenger, sometimes it becomes a license to chat about personal matters. So the management should set parameters on what could be discussed on a group chat—at least during work hours. But there are also more serious apps that are usually used for the office. The office could also operate an instant-messaging system. This way, communication is direct and fast. It pops up directly in one’s personal computer.

Set clear goals

It is easy to communicate among each other if the company’s goals are clear. This way, each employee, knowing his or her responsibility, will be able to report about the developments of tasks pertaining to the business’s goals.

Encourage casual interactions

Encourage employees to bond together during break time. Perhaps, as owner, you could offer to buy lunch at least once a week so the entire company can have lunch together and talk about everything else except for work. Coffee break at the pantry, no matter how brief, will also do much in terms of interactions. Just put up a sign: No shop talk. Knowing each other personally will encourage better communication and understanding with each other. Say, there is a person who failed to beat her deadline. But because of your casual conversations, you learned that her son is having health problems at home. Then you have an understanding of where she is coming from. Perhaps the team leader could give the work load to someone else.

With all those tips on tips for effective team communication, you, as the business owner, must be doing something starting today to promote happiness in the workplace.

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how to encourage excellent team communication in the workplace

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