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Business Tasks That You Can Outsource or Automate

Business Tasks That You Can Outsource or Automate

Having a sole proprietorship is quite a tall order. You are essentially starting out and doing things on your own. It’s a no-brainer that you have to hire people. But your employees should be focused on productivity. Still, other tasks don’t have to be handled by regular people.

Hiring regular people means paying for their benefits under the law and a full day’s work. Some tasks don’t need the entire day to be finished. This is why some tasks are best outsourced or automated.

Here are some tasks that can be handled by outside forces—outsourced employees or online systems:

Online payment systems

Instead of hiring a person to go to the bank and other financial institutions for monetary transactions, why don’t you subscribe to an online wallet that does online payments? You don’t need to pay a person minimum wage, five times a week, just to make money transactions because, in this day and age, almost everything has an online payment option. You should be suspicious of companies that don’t have online transactions.


A clean office or place of business is very important. But you don’t need a full-time employee to do the cleaning. This is something you can outsource. In fact, if your office is in a building, you can group with other tenants to have a regular cleaner that comes daily and cleans one unit after the other. But to keep the place tidy at all times, it should be an office rule that the workers clean after themselves.

Virtual assistant

There are some businesses where front office personnel is an important part of the company. But if you don’t really need one—like if the office just requires a person to answer calls and e-mails, then a virtual assistant will do. A virtual assistant is someone you hire remotely. They will not be going to the office, which saves the company office space, resources, and other things. They also don’t need to work full-time, only during peak hours where calls are sure to bombard the office. For light hours, the people in the office can take turns answering the phone.

Social media management

It is now imperative that business has its social media accounts. But employees should really focus on production or on services rather than using the entire day browsing social media. Good thing that social media management is now something one could either outsource or automate. Yes, there is an application that will manage all your social media activities and engagements.

Payroll and bookkeeping

These two fiscal management activities don’t really need to be done eight hours a day, five days a week. And payroll and bookkeeping are among the business essentials that can either be outsourced to another company or just be automated. Either way would be a better choice than hiring additional personnel. Here are the benefits of outsourcing your payroll

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Outsourcing and automating tasks should be something a business owner should seriously assess. But this should be a rule of thumb: focus should be on production and services, which necessarily make money. For administrative tasks, get somebody else to handle them. Maximize the skills of your personnel by making them do what they do best.

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