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Hobby Makes the Business

how hobby makes a profitable business

Hobby Makes the Business

Having a hobby is good for you because it allows you to take a breather from a hectic life that involves work, bills, family, responsibilities, friends, and many others. Some hobbies also allow you to set a goal for yourself. Achieving this goal may even be more satisfying than reaching your goals at work. In other words, hobbies make you happy. And happiness is always great for the heart.

Here are some of the advantages of having a hobby.

 Hobbies give you a break

 As mentioned above, every now and then you need to take a break from your hectic life. How many times has President Donald Trump visited a golf course in his seven months of office? Even the president needs a break. So if he can take a break, we should, too. But if you must take a break, you might as well take a break with a purpose. Later in this article, we will tackle some of the hobbies you can take that could help you be more productive in your business.

Hobbies promote eustress

Eustress is the opposite of stress. It is still stress in the sense that you will feel anxious about it. But unlike work-related stress, eustress makes you feel giddy. It’s like joining a marathon. Instead of feeling stress and getting riled up about finishing the race, you actually feel excited—granting this is your choice of hobby. Doing something you love definitely gives you eustress.

Hobbies open new challenges

When you have a business, chances are you have a list of challenges. First, you want to keep your business afloat. Then you want to make money that will allow you to provide salary and other benefits to your employees. But when you have a hobby, you could at least have another set of challenges that will not give you gray hair. The difference here is that with your work challenges, other people or your livelihood are at stake. With a hobby, nothing is at stake, except perhaps your happiness.

You can make new friends

Hobbies allow you to socialize with other people. Workmates often remind you of work and how it’s stressing you out. Family, while we love them, may also remind us of house-related responsibilities. But with new-found friends, who you meet through your hobby, it’s just a fun environment. It’s about laughter and staying in the moment.

Physical health benefits

 More often, hobbies involve physical activities. Obviously, this will be good for your fitness and your health. But even if your hobby of choice is more intellectual in nature, it still promotes healthy well-being considering it makes you a happier person. Intellectual exercise is also a good way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Now that we’ve established that hobbies are great for your business well-being, here are some of the hobbies you can be involved in that could help you with your business.

Marathon running

It’s not easy to join a marathon. You can’t just decide to join, enlist then run tomorrow. Joining a marathon actually entails months of training. You have to run every day from a short distance, gradually increasing until you have been accustomed to running the full 42 kilometers. You need the discipline to run every day, to develop your breathing, and to improve endurance. Your daily run will help you develop strength.

When you impose this kind of discipline and hard work in your business, chances are you will succeed. Consider the 42-kilometer your business goal. In order to reach that point, you have to work hard every day in order to gradually increase the distance you can endure running.


Sometimes, the success of a business does not just depend on hard work. Sometimes, it’s about luck. But you cannot just grab on to luck without getting some information on whether it is worth taking or not. Let me explain, in poker, you get a few cards and it is up to you to supply the missing cards. You either ask for another card or take your chance on the duo that you already have. But whether you did good or not, winning is not entirely up to you. Sometimes, no matter how smart you played it, the other side just has the better cards. It sounds just like how you deal with a competition. Sometimes, the competitor just has a better set of cards. No matter how smart you played it, you may lose. But you are not bound to lose all the time. There is always a time when you get the better card.

A poker is really an exercise of wit and luck—and a bit of a poker face.


This is a great hobby to have. Dealing with business is so stressful and yoga teaches you how to be zen when it comes to stressors. Yoga teaches you that slowing down is not necessarily a bad thing. Instead, it promotes clarity and patience. A business may be a competition, but it is definitely not a race.

Team sports

A business is just like a sports team. You, as the owner, are the coach. The employees are your players. If you play some basketball or soccer, you will realize that the coach has an important role in trying to win a game. You have to develop strategies in order to one-up the other team. So if you have time to play some basketball or soccer and other team sports, do it! It’s not just great for your health, it’s also good for business.


Channeling your creativity is great for your sanity. Take a break from your hectic work life and create art. Being creative in your free time is also something you can implement in your work life. You have to craft creative ways in order to gain clients when you own your business. This is why you need advertising. If you are creative in your spare time, then chances are you could also use this creativity in order to make your business successful.



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