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How to find a business mentor?

tips in finding a business coach or mentor

How to find a business mentor?

Finding the best business mentor is not that simple. It’s not easier than you think it is.  Before sorting out the best mentor for your business, figure out what specific expectations and what is the role of your mentor to pave the way for the best interest of your business. Try to recognize what makes a good mentor, how to find one, know how to approach him, how to maximize the learning experience and the business relations within you both. Top business mentors can have an immense influence, especially on start-ups. Their experiences relayed and applied can help fix all the lapses a new business may have incurred and fill in the gaps toward an enormous impact on the investment.


Relatives and friends

Word of the mouth counts. Talk to your circle of family and friends for clues on who’s who among the business mentors around.  It might be a brother, a cousin, a distant relative or a friend’s friend—someone in your contacts may have known a good business mentor or himself a successful entrepreneur. A handful of them are within reach and may enjoy having coffee chatting official business together. Go for these scenes. This type of access is always easier to establish. Join networking activities to create links with the business community as well and gather well-meaning opinions of successful personalities to apply on your own turf.         


Entrepreneur rendezvous

 Whether it be business networking or related events (e.g., seminar workshops, meetings, and discussions) just be around getting relevant entrepreneurial approaches. Brainstorming or simply meeting with people in the industry is a smart avenue for you to widen your business horizon. Attend the events whenever or wherever you can.  Volunteer yourself to make new connections among all sorts of people in the industry and learn a lot from them. Open to new experiences, acquaintances, and contacts. Talk to strangers with business potentials in them and get essential insights to improve your business reputation. Finding the best mentor is not limited to a one-on-one meet up. There are many ways to get what you need and want to know relevant to your investment.

Inquisitive Mentor

The best mentors are those who challenge you to exceed your target output. One who is inquisitive enough to learn the whereabouts of your business, its status, market and all other inputs that may have the impact on the supposed goals you intend to reach on a specified length of time. Those who inquire a lot about the venture and share their own experiences will help you learn new techniques and opportunities to work on.  Be cautious on some mentors that may get upset when their suggestions are not followed and eventually worsen your business conditions.

Listen to your gut feeling. You may try to figure out what are the necessary points of view that can have a positive impact on your business. Dump ideas and concepts that you find odd and just take the amazing strategies. This way, you find yourself a winner in your own right to start with and eventually experience a total success in your endeavors.

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