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8 Mompreneur Business Ideas: Minimal Resources Needed

business ideas for moms

8 Mompreneur Business Ideas: Minimal Resources Needed

Every day, more and more women are becoming mompreneurs. Years ago, a woman could have a choice between becoming a stay-at-home mom or a working mom. And it doesn’t matter which one you’ll choose since one is just as noble as the other. Both choices have the child as a central force. You stay at home because you want to take care of the house, your husband and your child. On the other hand, you want to work in order to economically provide for your home.  

However, in this day and age, the majority of the mothers are no longer afforded such choice. Only the wealthy could afford to have a stay-at-home mom, with a nanny to boot. But with a difficult economy, average-income homes have forced mothers to earn financially as well. Even worse, statistics bare that four out of 10 children are born from single mothers. And a lot of these single mothers don’t have access to child support or alimony. And that’s how the mompreneur was born. 

Mompreneur has become a new word as American society caters to more and more mothers who start a business in the bid of hitting two birds with one stone: having the time to care for their children while also earning money for the family. Here are some of the best business ideas for new mompreneurs. 


This is something that you can just do at home, which is the best kind of business you can start. This means that you are always available for your kids when they need you. But while they are in school, you can start a blog. But you have to remember that there are hundreds, even thousands, of mom bloggers out there. You have to make things interesting. So check out the most-followed blogs out there. See what areas have not been thoroughly covered. Drink your creative juice and find a way to blog about something that would help other house moms like you. And if you have other interests and wide knowledge about a particular concept, then you could blog about that—even if it has absolutely nothing to do with being a mom. Make your blog fresh and interesting enough to make thousands of people click. Advertisers will eventually come and that’s how you will earn. 

Resources: Computer, your wit and some photos to go with your blog. 

Virtual assistant 

Startup business could not afford to hire full-time employees since they have to scrimp on budget for at least a couple of years. New businesses need an assistant, and a virtual assistant is something that their pockets could allow. Get online and check out businesses looking for a virtual assistant. The job is easy enough. More often, you just need to write communications to clients or manage some of the business’s paperwork, inventory and some other documentary work. There might be errands that will need you out of the house but you could do those while the children are in school. 

Resources: Computer and phone.  


What were you good at growing up? What was your course in college? Or what did you do before you decided to become a mompreneur? Surely there is something where you have a great wealth of knowledge at and at which you could make some money. Start a consultancy business. If you are good at numbers and you were doing it before mompreneurship, then you could share the expertise and the experience with other people. If there is a craft that you were good at, you could help others hone their craft-making skills.  

Resources: Computer, skills and knowledge. 

Online teacher 

Aside from being a consultant, you could also use your knowledge and skills by teaching online courses. This is actually more preferable by a great number of people because they can choose their schedules. If they attend classes in a four-walled setting, they will be constrained to the schedules given out by the school. But with an online teacher, the student could just make an appointment on when to do the course. On your part as a teacher, you could also choose the schedules where your household duties will not be in the way. Or at least, you could work your household duties around your online teaching schedules. 

Resources: Computer, knowledge, visual aids and patience. 

Pet sitter  

If you love pets, then this will be a great task for you. This will also give you bonus points if you have young children. You don’t even have to buy them their own pet since they could just cuddle with the ones you have to take care of.  

Resources: Food bowls, lint brush (for your furniture), animal toys, animal food, love and care. 

Online retailer 

As a mother and homemaker, part of your job is to clean the house. And by doing so, you will meet a lot of things that you or your children don’t need anymore. If these are still in good condition, you can sell them online underused items. You could also do some buy-and-sell. You could go to garage sales, find great items and resell them. Or you could buy new products in bulk and sell them individually. Bulk items are so much cheaper and you would earn big bucks if you sell them singly.  

Resources: Computer and camera to take great photos of your items. 

Online service provider 

Instead of selling products, you sell services: cleaning, massaging, shopping, etc. All you need is a computer and your skills. You can specify in your website the times of services if there is a block schedule you want to devote for the children or for household chores.  

Resources: Computer and whatever items your kind of service needs. 


The job is fairly simple: You get an audio file and you need to transcribe it in text form. It’s easy to do and at flexible hours, too.  

Resources: Computer, headphones and good hearing. 


The key here is choosing the best business that is best suited to your skills and your interests. That way, the business will not feel like a job but a hobby. This also makes sense since being a house mom is going to be stressful. You don’t want to add another layer of stress to your life so you could still have enough energy to have fun with the children. Remember that being a mompreneur is for the kids—to have enough time to see their growth and enjoy maternal bonding with them. 

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